People, plot, premise, integrity, depth — and action!

Unique plot, eloquent readable writing, characters crafted with depth and integrity, an intriguing approach that builds quickly to mystery-style page-turner — and a core premise completely grounded in scientific realities that we all face: No “Alternative Facts” here!

This first novel by a Ph.D. clinical psychologist is both inspiring in its action and memorable in its ability to create connections. At its essence, it is anti-dystopian, BUT without sugar-coating the facts and future of the climate crisis. That’s a tough needle to thread, but Jonnie Hyde does it beautifully. Like Ms. Hyde and her characters, I lived through the Sixties and continue to work for eco justice as we move toward the Twenties: the paths in her book ring true.

I found it deeply moving and thought-provoking. It gave me the emotional range I want out of a novel: an experience that keeps me thinking and feeling, ongoing, intensely while reading it and immediately afterwards, but then with scenes and snippets coming back to me as new moments in life resonate back to the book. “Irrevocable Acts” has all that. It’s a really good work of fiction.

T. Gleichman


Exploring this compelling and suspenseful story of Anna’s fierce decision to sacrifice family connections to fight climate disruption and protect the earth affected me deeply. She transforms from grandmother to eco-warrior, and that requires her to work through her painful, courageous history of tragic past actions with her two closest friends.

The characters and dialogue are superbly drawn and authentic to the marrow. The descriptions of nature are sensual, evocative, and precise, from the hard stark beauty of the New Mexico desert to the verdant abundance of the Pacific Northwest.

I highly recommend this book, which will leave you questioning your own capacity to make such an arduous choice. It was both heart-wrenching and heartwarming, and I got a tremendous amount out of it. Reflecting on the best ways to live up to our values and priorities is one of things I valued most about this novel.